Welcome to the Project Delivery Community

Project Management is an essential skill that can be used in all facets of our lives. Every day we run projects of some kind - whether it being helping our kids get a project delivered at school, through to building a new house, or even as far as delivering a new $500m telecommunications network.

Project Management comes in many forms and at many levels. With more than 40 years of delivery across many project types and many industries, we have structured these real world experience based courses to reflect those different levels and to assist you with your learning and growing, to build a strong basic understanding right through to being an expert in advanced management techniques. You won't find this kind of education in the normal off-the-shelf 3-5 day accredited training courses such as Prince2 or PMBOK.

There are 3 standard project delivery courses which will cover the basics of project delivery right through to more complex transformations, turnarounds and rescues and a further 3 courses more specifically targeted towards coaching and mentoring and niche areas such as Executives and Small Businesses.

ALL memberships are charged monthly with NO lock-in contracts.

Courses and Modules

Each Course will cover a huge range of topics (called Modules) and most of those will be broken down into Sub-Modules. The content is created as snackbite size, intended to be consumed and enjoyed within 20-30 minutes when you have some downtime or even on your daily commute to the job/life from which you want to break, instead of wasting the time on Facebook or Instagram.

Each Sub-Module may contain a mix of articles, diagrams, videos, audio or any other media we feel is most appropriate to pass on the knowledge. Our plan is to eventually have multiple versions of material across many media types for each topic. Webinars, podcasts, interviews and live events will all be created over time as the courses expand with new content being added all the time.



Each Sub-Module will be released over time (time-released content) to achieve an even growth of knowledge. Why time-released? We have found through our own experiences and of others that if you try to take in all the information in large amounts your mind doesn’t tend to retain all this information. Think of it this way, you have a funnel and a big container of water. If you try to pour the water into the funnel too quickly it will overflow (loosing water i.e. loose information). However, if you pour the water consistently and steady into the funnel it will not over flow (you keep all the water i.e. retain information).

We aim to do the same with our courses to build your knowledge across the chosen course/subject. The concepts, topics and ideas covered in these courses and modules are too extensive to list in detail here - in fact we're estimating the Bronze course to eventually have over 100 sub-topics and continue to grow from there.



There will also be a number of Extra Modules, containing a growing archive of sub-modules. These are not key learning modules, but will be useful

  • General Information - anything of interest that we create or discover on the web, or that is requested in the project delivery domain.
  • Templates - the archive of templates will grow as the modules grow for each course, new templates being created and released all the time in line with the courses and modules.
  • Technology - any articles covering technology, whether it be architecture, or infrastructure, or telecoms and the future of mobile, or whatever else is of use to the project delivery professional.
  • Personal Development - part of gaining knowledge and growing your professional skills, includes personal growth and development and mindset changes within. This module will cover any extras that are relevant to the project delivery professional.


Membership Options

We are launching with the Bronze Course since it forms the foundation of all the key knowledge and will grow further courses in Project Delivery from there. The Courses, Modules and Sub-Modules will continually grow over time as more and more content is created and added to the archives. That content may be new industry concepts and ideas or could equally be user generated, user requested or user feedback content.  Also remember that once you have been a Member for a number of months, or even years, ALL the content already released in the Archives is always available to you while you remain a Member of your chosen Community(s) - a great reference tool as you work through your career.


BRONZE MEMBERSHIP - Project Management

Bronze Membership is primarily designed for non-project managers and people relatively new to the project management world. However, through discussions we have also found some seasoned project managers and program managers have expressed a strong interest in learning the basics "the right way". It could also be very useful for people who have learnt on the job but have never had any formal training in project management. Do you have a "business as usual" job and are constantly being told to run projects, but the boss won't pay for you to be professionally trained? Are you a Project Coordinator or Administrator frustrated and dismayed by what you're seeing around you by "so-called" professionals and know you can do a better job, but don't know how to break into the project management space? Even if you area already running projects now, you may want to find out if you're doing it the right way, or just want to upskill your experience. Bronze is the Membership for you.


Bronze Benefits

  • Specifically designed for those who are in and around projects, but are essentially new to project management
  • Will also benefit those who are already running projects but have never been formally trained
  • Will also benefit those who have been formally trained but want a new perspective, new ideas and new skills
  • Will grow your skills from a beginner through to an intermediate/advanced Project Manager
  • Understand all the basic concepts of projects, starting with the grass roots definitions up to more complex tasks
  • By the middle of the course you will be comfortable managing projects with a few streams of work and deliverables
  • Access to a large array of new techniques and templates to help make your life easier
  • Fundamentally learn how to properly mobilise, manage and close projects with minimal risk and maximum efficiency and delivery
  • Ultimately, you will be skilled, confident and comfortable managing medium to large scaled projects through their full lifecycle
  • Leverage the Break Free Club through the forums - providing networking with similar minded individuals in the Project Management domain
  • Priced at just $50 per month (approx. $1.63 per day and half the price of a coffee) - can you really afford not to Join this community


Bronze Modules

The Course is structured into 7 key modules, starting with Basic Principles right through the full lifecycle to the Closure of a Project. This is by no means an inclusive list of all the content, but just a flavour and indication of the flow of each module.

  • Module 1 - Basic Principles
    - approx 6 weeks and contains ~25 sub-modules, including some of the following:-
    What is a Project?; Lifecycle of a Project; What is the Role of the Project Manager; Cost, Time, Scope and Quality; What is a Requirement?; What is a deliverable?; What is a schedule?; What are Project Finances?; What is Project Governance? ... and so on!
  • Module 2 - Getting Started
    - approx 6 weeks and contains ~15 sub-modules, including some of the following:-
    Who's Who in Projects; Understanding Resourcing; Tools of the Trade; Understanding Delivery Methodologies; Understanding Project Finances; Understanding Architecture & Design;Understanding Schedules; Understanding Testing; ... and so on!
  • Module 3 - Defining a Project
    - approx 6-12 weeks and contains ~10 sub-modules, including some of the following:-
    The Big Why; Ideas/Concepts; Terms of Reference; Constructing a Business Case; Business Case Financials; Constructing a Skeleton Project; Design Project Structure; Design Project Governance... and so on!
  • Module 4 - Setting up a Project
    - approx 6-12 weeks and contains ~15 sub-modules, including some of the following:-
    Defining Scope; Defining Requirements; Deciding on QA and Testing; Define Project Phases; Building the Project Team; Creating a Test Strategy; Creating a Change Strategy; Document Management; ... and so on!
  • Module 5 - Running a Project
    - approx 12 weeks and ongoing and contains at least 20 sub-modules (and still growing rapidly), including some of the following:-
    Project Kick-Off; People Management; Issue Management; Status Reporting; Team Meetings; Governance Meetings; Financial Management; Schedules / TAsks / Sprints; Change Management; Vendor Managemennt; ... and so on!
  • Module 6 - Transition to Business As Usual (BAU);
    - approx 6 weeks and ~10 sub-modules, including some of the following (still be defined further):-
    Defining a Service Management Plan; Resource Handover, Operations SLAs; Vendor SLAs; Continuous Pipeline; Asset Transfers; ... and so on!
  • Module 7 - Closing a Project
    - approx 2 weeks and ~5 sub-modules, including some of the following (still be defined further):-
    Post Implementation Review; Lessons Learned; Knowledge Capture; Knowledge Database; Team dissolving; Project Finances Close; Final Report; ... and so on!


The way the courses are constructed, also enables us to release different articles from different modules at different times, so we can crossover Module 2, 3 and 4 for example. The content and flow of the course is carefully considered so as to release the most relevant information at any point in time, not to make you wait for a sequenential drip feed of information. Think of it like a graphic equaliser, where each of the vertical bars (frequencies) are the modules, and the height (volume) represents time. Although the shape might not be what we're used to, we can effectively release different sub-modules at any point in time, like music having bass and treble at the same time.







SILVER MEMBERSHIP - Program Management  (in development ... coming soon)

Silver Membership is specifically targeted at project managers and middle managers who want to gain an understanding of programs and program management and extend their skills into running any type of program.  Primarily focused around business programs, but the techniques and skills could also be employed across any large property, engineering or other types of programs of work.

  • Silver Members gain access to the whole of the Bronze Membership as well as their own Silver modules (as per the Bronze Course timed release schedule)
  • Specifically designed for project managers who want to progress to large projects and programs but feel they need to build and enhance their skills
  • Clearly understand the difference between a Program and a Project, and the different management skills required to deliver programs
  • Fundamentally learn how to properly design, mobilise, manage and close a program with minimal risk and maximum efficiency and delivery
  • Ultimately you will be skilled, confident and comfortable managing large projects and programs through their entire lifecycle
  • Leverage the Break Free Club through the forums - providing networking with similar minded individuals in the Program Management domain
  • Pricing to be confirmed - grow your skills, improve your income and challenge yourself


GOLD MEMBERSHIP - Transformations, Rescues and Turnarounds  (in development ... coming soon)

Gold Membership is an advanced level course specifically designed for Project and Program Managers and other middle to senior managers who are already relatively comfortable managing projects and programs and are being extended into the larger and more critical transformation, rescue and turnaround domain.  Invariably, these projects are the highest risk, but equally carry the highest rewards and satisfaction when successfully delivered.  The methods and techniques used for these Programs are based on, but different to, the principles learned in Bronze and Silver.

  • Gold Members gain access to the whole of the Silver and Bronze Courses as well as the Gold modules (as per their timed release schedule)
  • Specifically designed for Project Managers, Program Managers and General Managers who are being tasked with transformation or turnaround work.
  • Clearly understand the difference between a normal Program or Project and Transformations and/or Rescues
  • Learn how to recognise a failing program/project and the actions and steps required to recover it
  • Be able to design, structure, mobilise and successfully manage and deliver a large transformation program
  • Ultimately you will be skilled, confident and comfortable managing transformations and rescues through to successful delivery
  • Leverage the Break Free Club through the forums - providing networking with similar minded individuals in the Transformation and Rescue domain
  • Pricing to be confirmed - grow your skills, improve your income and become the ultimate guru in transformations and rescues


CARBON MEMBERSHIP - Coaching and Mentoring  (in development ... on the roadmap)

Carbon Membership is for individuals who would like coaching and mentoring by one of our team of project delivery experts, whether they be new to project management, or an experienced professional needing a counterpart to bounce their ideas and balance their thinking.  ALL successful people have engaged the help of coaches and mentors to help them further their careers, why should this be limited to entrepreneurs and sports people?  Sign up now to get a personal level of experience with a coach.

  • Carbon Members gain access to all of the modules in the Bronze Courses (upgraded to silver and gold over time) depending on their level of skill
  • Specifically designed for project delivery professionals who wish to be coached and mentored to advance their careers
  • Carbon members will be limited to just 100 at any time (subject to coaching capacity) - so it is a very exclusive service
  • Coaches / Mentors are available by e-mail, skype or mobile, and if local, could even be available for face to face meet-ups
  • Leverage the Break Free Club through the forums - there is a specific dedicated forum for Carbon Members to share their experiences and to chat in privacy
  • Pricing to be confirmed - gain the personal touch and help advance your career to new levels


DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP - Executive Team Project and Program Management (in development ... on the roadmap)

In today's business world, companies are increasingly under pressure to move and change faster than ever before.  The old operational (business as usual) roles are disappearing, and more rewards are being won by companies that know how to leverage the ever changing technology landscape and how to consistently deliver new projects.

Diamond Membership is for Executives and Senior Managers who are responsible and accountable for $m's of dollars of spend (whether CAPEX or OPEX). Typically, Executives and Senior Managers are Sponsors of projects and programs, but in many cases have never had any project delivery experience or training, and have no understanding of what a good project looks like, or how it is structured or delivered.  They are then exposed when projects and programs begin to go off the rails, but don't have the understanding or delivery skills to get the project back on track.

  • Specifically designed for Executives who need to understand projects and programs, but have no real world expertise in the project delivery domain
  • The course is designed for Executives as the audience, removing the need to understand "all" the principles in Bronze, Silver and Gold, focusing on what's important from an Executive point of view
  • Also useful for Senior Managers and Junior Executives coming through the ranks to add new skills to their portfolio
  • Leverage the Break Free Club through the forums - there is a specific dedicated forum for Diamond Members to share their experiences and to chat in privacy
  • Pricing to be confirmed - this is a prudent investment for any up and coming or established Executive