Why the Break Free Club?

We are all seeking a better life for ourselves and our families; to feel fulfilled and personally grow; to spend more time with the kids and loved ones; to be able to afford the things we want; to go on expensive dream holidays; to drive nice cars; to live in awesome houses; or to just kick back and relax and take some much needed time out!  Whatever makes up your “Break Free”, we are here to help you get there.

Break Free Club was conceived as a way to share knowledge and real life experience and make it affordable for everyone, to be able to improve themselves and their place in life, to learn and grow at their own pace ... and ultimately to "... Train it Forward"!


Why become a Member of the Break Free Club?

 Improve Your Lifestyle
 Personal Development and Self-Improvement
 Challenge Yourself and Grow
 Our Philosophy and Ethics
 Our Club and Professional Network
 Our Experience, Your Benefit
 Return on Investment in Yourself
 Quality of Courses and Modules
 Value for Money
 No Lock-in Contracts
 Support Group Memberships - Corporate, Government, Not-for-Profit, Charity and Small Business (...coming soon)


We are ...

 Experienced professionals who have succeeded in our own careers and are breaking free
 Passionate about our business and about helping other businesses
 Committed to building the best online community for professionals wanting to break free
 Setting a new trend as the only subscription business of our kind worldwide
 Moving into a new way of doing business, pay as you go, with no lock-in contracts
 Building top quality, engaging and interesting courses for our members
 Believers in hard work will provide just rewards, and hard work will win
 Pragmatic in our approach to business, with a “prove don’t promise” and “progress not perfection” attitude
 Ethical in business, and have high integrity as individuals and as a Company
 Here to have fun and to enjoy building this business and engaging with the Members of our new Club 


We are not ...

 a seminar and/or speaker circuit style business
 a get rich quick scam
 a network marketing or multi-level marketing business
 a quick fix for your career
 a standard off-the-shelf training course
 going to give you a heavy sales pitch, in fact there is no lock in contract at all on our memberships
 guaranteeing success - success comes from hard work and doing things differently


Become a Member, join a Community and start improving yourself today!


Improve Your Lifestyle

We all want to improve our lifestyle?  It's a fundamental driving force behind us - whether to gain more time, buy a nicer car, a bigger house, more land, a few more investments, start a new business, go on dream holidays, or whatever else it means to you – Break Free Club is here to empower you to achieve your lifestyle goals.

Unless you are extremely lucky and have landed a lottery win, you will need more money to do all these things. The currency of Lifestyle is time.  In this world, sadly money buys time, so we need to work out ways to get more money to buy more time.  There is no quick way to do this the “normal” way, other than by years of hard grafting in a corporate job, and hoping you get noticed and promoted, slowly losing your soul to the corporate world.

Break Free Club is offering you an alternative. Why not take control of your own path and career progression?  Why not learn new skills? Like how to become a Project Manager, or how to start a new business with that idea you've had for years, but don't know how to move forward and have been too scared to delve into that world.  Become a Break Free Club Member, join one of our communities and we will show you how and hold your hand all the way through.  Our passion is driven by seeing you succeed.


Personal Development and Self-Improvement

Are you sick and tired of feeling unloved in your job?  Have you asked for training, but been knocked back again and again?  This is the time to take control of your own destiny.

Break Free Club is all about investing in yourself, taking responsibility and accountability for your future, and turning your dreams and goals into reality.  Who else is going to look after your interests? Who you can you trust to do so, more than yourself?  If you need a partner or mentor to go on the journey with you, get a friend or work colleague to become a Member as well.

Break Free Club is all about learning to feel good about yourself through increased knowledge and skills, self-empowerment and building your confidence. Although we are not life coaches, many of our teachings and courses will, by their nature, help you grow as a person, to feel less insecure and build your personal and professional confidence and skills.


Challenge Yourself and Grow

Our courses are designed to take you from the safety of your Comfort Zone, into your Learning Zone. The modules and courses will introduce concepts and theories, then re-enforce them through practical examples and experiences through the remainder of the course.  Also, as you progress through a range of courses and potentially upgrade your Memberships to higher grades, these concepts will again be re-enforced in the higher modules.

Since you progress through the course at your own self-learning pace, it's important to stay away from your Panic Zone and not stretch too far, too quickly, a fate many students experience when signing up for online courses. We are always there to provide support and mentoring through the Forum and more directly for Platinum Members.


Our Philosophy and Ethics

We believe in keeping it Simple.  Although the courses themselves may be about complex topics and involve complex techniques, we will always strive to build the modules and courses in plain English, using analogies and examples and other forms of media such as podcasts, webinars and so on, to ensure the modules are clearly understandable and digestible.

We also firmly believe in and are committed to Paying it Forward - generally doing good for others - and this is our way of paying it forward. Therefore, we have priced all our courses to be at excellent value price points and achievable for most people to access without hurting the bank, but to empower themselves with new knowledge and motivation.

As a Company, we are committed to a high ethical standard, with solid integrity to do the right thing, to respect our Customers and to constantly strive to innovate and bring new concepts to market.


Our Club and Professional Network

When you join Break Free Club, you become part of a “club” or “professional network” of likeminded individuals, all with the same mindset of improving themselves, their lifestyle and their position in life.  It is worthwhile becoming a member for the network itself.

Sometimes running your own business can be a very lonely path, but joining a club with likeminded individuals who come from a broad range of disciplines and skills can be a huge advantage in not only breaking the loneliness cycle, but also expanding your knowledge and network.

Our Club, and many others around the world, survive on the lifelong connections and friends people make along the way as part of their membership. Other networks rely on this network almost exclusively to justify their subscriptions, but at Break Free Club, we believe in not only building a Club, but also offering extremely high quality training, coaching and mentoring courses and modules to improve your lifestyle.

In fact, with Break Free Club, it’s totally FREE to become a Social Member for life, connect with others in the Club, and experience the power of networking with other likeminded people without paying a single dollar.


Our Experience is Your Benefit

Between the two owners, we have extensive varied backgrounds with more than 40 years of experience delivering successful projects, programs and transformations, as well as launching new businesses for our clients. Your gain is leveraging all that experience in easy to understand modules and courses.

All the Communities and Courses are created by people who have lived and breathed their discipline and domain.  They are the best of the best in their field – the Top Guns. They have years of experience behind them and know how to get the job done. Translating all that experience into digestible courses and modules is always a difficult challenge, but one to which we are committed.

Many training/mentoring businesses these days are written by training people or writers, not experienced deliverers who have lived and breathed their domain. Mainstream mentoring is usually performed by really good salesman and speakers from the speaking circuits, trying to get you to sign up to the next big session, usually having to outlay thousands of dollars in the process.

Let our experience become your benefit!


Return on Investment In Yourself

Invest in yourself.  Over many years, as part of our normal working life we have mentored many colleagues and friends to help them onto a better path and to grow and extend their skillsets and experience. They are all now doing incredible things with their careers and have made significant improvements in their own lifestyles and what they are able to provide for their families and their personal growth.  We hope from our mentoring, they will go forth and one day Pay it Forward in their own way.

If you don’t invest in yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to invest in you.  The cost of the subscription to the courses is relatively miniscule compared with the rewards possible with your new found knowledge, experience and networking with other Club members.


Quality of Course and Modules

You are subscribing to a highly valued product; a product which can help you achieve a level of freedom and control in your life; a product written by professionals and gurus in their field with many years of practical real world experience. Yes, some of the content may well be freely available on the internet in various shapes or forms, and where we have used some of this material we have referenced it (if we are aware of its source, or will gladly reference it if directed to a source of which we weren't aware).

You may ask, "So why am I paying for it?".  Well, MOST of the content is custom written and hence exclusive to Break Free Club. You don't have to hunt around the internet looking for scraps of information on various topics, not understanding whether it actually works or is viable in the real world. All the modules are laid out in logical flows and in such a fashion as to take you through an experience of learning and growing your knowledge. We will assist you in channelling your energy into the right place with the right focus, so you don’t waste time and effort getting lost and overwhelmed.

Of course, you are free to try to hunt around and find all this information for yourself and to make your own modules and courses, but we are guessing that your time is worth more. It is far wiser to pay a subscription and become a member and engage in your chosen course with all the hard work, deep experience and lessons learned already for you.

Communities, Courses and Modules

Break Free Club is made up of many Communities which are essentially the areas of interest. A Community has multiple Courses written with different audiences in mind whom may be at different stages of their career, or different stages in a business lifecycle. For Example, the Project Delivery Community has 6 courses designed for different levels and audiences from Bronze (basic project management) through to Platinum (for large programs and transformations). Each course will be made up of many Modules.

A Module might be an Article, Webinar, Podcast, Video, Animation, Slideshow, Test, Summary, Interview, etc. or any other type of content we can come up with which is engaging and interesting.  Each Module is designed to engage, discuss and teach on a particular topic and is intended to be consumed within 20mins to 40mins, in short snack bites.  We live in a busy world, and understand time is precious.

Timed Release

Each Module will be released at a particular time during the Course, not overwhelming the reader with too much information too quickly, and to ensure the concepts and information being studied are clearly understood in the right order before moving on. This is called Timed Release and is the basis of the Member’s subscription. Some content may be released on Day 0 and will be immediately available to all Members of that course.

Growth and Variety

Break Free Club is committed to growing the number of communities and depth of each community over time. The Launch Communities will be Project Delivery and Small Businesses, with a number of other Communities following shortly afterwards.

Equally, as well as growing the communities, the number and variety of courses will grow, as will the archive of content as more Modules are continually developed and added to each Course.  This is one of the key principles of the subscription business, to keep new and fresh content.

To add to this, a number of other value add modules will be added and available over time, including templates, strategies, tips and tricks, helpful hints, interviews and other such useful items.


Not only are the Courses and Modules written by the top professionals in their field, but other professionals will also be invited in to write specific modules on which they are experts.  For example, we may have a program accountant write a module explaining how to connect program finances with general ledger accounting.  Also, each and every module will not only be peer reviewed but also cross community reviewed to ensure it fits in with the overall ethos of Break Free Club and the quality expected.

And finally, the Introduction

All Courses for every Community will have an Introduction Module that is Free and visible to all Members. This gives a no-obligation overview of what the Member can expect from that course, including the level at which it is pitched, the broad topics and content that is covered and what they can expect as an outcome.


Value for Money

At Break Free Club, we believe in value for money, providing professional real-world-experience training, coaching, mentoring and counselling, but at affordable prices for all.  

You pay a monthly subscription fee with no lock-in contract for a range of different levels of courses to suit your needs, from acquiring the basic knowledge (e.g. Project Management) through to the high end of the skillset in each community (e.g. Transformation and Rescue specialist).

As an example,

Almost everyone in every job requires some form of Project Management knowledge.  It's a term loosely thrown around in business, and a role frequently given to people with little or no experience - "oh, you can project manage this little piece of work" – but it is a skill that is essential in the modern workforce. However, most people haven't got the first clue about project management and what it entails.

To attend a 3 day PRINCE2 Foundation Course (PRojects IN Controlled Environments - the defacto Project Management standard in UK and for the UN) will cost anywhere upwards of AUD$1800 for the intensive in-depth theoretical classroom based training. You will walk out brain numb and with a 300 page reference book that you will probably never use again, and then you will be left to fend for yourself and try to apply what you have learned without any further support.

With Break Free Club, you will learn all about Project Management at your own pace, not forced to digest some complex principles in just 3 days.  What you learn will not just be theoretical textbook based information - in fact the modules are deliberately designed with a pragmatic delivery focused real world approach in mind - an approach you can actually use to grow your experience and enhance your career.

You will also have the ongoing support of the forums and the Break Free Club network.


Support for Group Memberships

At Break Free Club, we also fully support group memberships.

From an organisational perspective, investing in your people whom you pay every day to be as effective as possible, will return rewards well beyond sending them on a 3 day standard course with no ongoing support.  Our Courses are designed by real world professionals who have been there and done it.  They know what success looks like, and it’s not written in a typical 3 day training course.

If you are the Human Resources or People and Culture Manager in your Organisation, please contact us and we can help direct you to the right area.  We have Memberships covering Corporates, Government, Non-Profit, Charity and Small Businesses.


In summary,

Be under no illusion, you will need to put in a lot of hard work and effort with your chosen course(s) to engage and to learn, but the rewards will be worthwhile.  If you are still in doubt, sign up for a FREE Social Membership.  You will be able to review all the Courses and Modules available and will have FREE access to the Introduction module for each and every Community.


Become a Member, join a Community and start improving yourself today!