Why the Break Free Club?

We are all seeking a better life for ourselves and our families; to feel fulfilled and personally grow; to spend more time with the kids and loved ones; to be able to afford the things we want; to go on expensive dream holidays; to drive nice cars; to live in awesome houses; or to just kick back and relax and take some much needed time out!  Whatever makes up your “Break Free”, we are here to help you get there.

Break Free Club was conceived as a way to share knowledge and real life experience and make it affordable for everyone, to be able to improve themselves and their place in life, to learn and grow at their own pace ... and ultimately to "... Train it Forward"!


Why become a Member of the Break Free Club?

 Improve Your Lifestyle
 Personal Development and Self-Improvement
 Challenge Yourself and Grow
 Our Philosophy and Ethics
 Our Club and Professional Network
 Our Experience, Your Benefit
 Return on Investment in Yourself
 Quality of Courses and Modules
 Value for Money
 No Lock-in Contracts
 Support Group Memberships - Corporate, Government, Not-for-Profit, Charity and Small Business (...coming soon)


We are ...

 Experienced professionals who have succeeded in our own careers and are breaking free
 Passionate about our business and about helping other businesses
 Committed to building the best online community for professionals wanting to break free
 Setting a new trend as the only subscription business of our kind worldwide
 Moving into a new way of doing business, pay as you go, with no lock-in contracts
 Building top quality, engaging and interesting courses for our members
 Believers in hard work will provide just rewards, and hard work will win
 Pragmatic in our approach to business, with a “prove don’t promise” and “progress not perfection” attitude
 Ethical in business, and have high integrity as individuals and as a Company
 Here to have fun and to enjoy building this business and engaging with the Members of our new Club 


We are not ...

 a seminar and/or speaker circuit style business
 a get rich quick scam
 a network marketing or multi-level marketing business
 a quick fix for your career
 a standard off-the-shelf training course
 going to give you a heavy sales pitch, in fact there is no lock in contract at all on our memberships
 guaranteeing success - success comes from hard work and doing things differently


Become a Member, join a Community and start improving yourself today!