What is the Break Free Club?

Break Free Club is a subscription based digital training, coaching and mentoring service.  The courses and modules are written and delivered with the backing of real world experience from both Founders and other associated professionals in their field who are at the top of their game.  Our courses are designed to not just provide the theory and principles, but to shape practical experience and tips and turn them into simple and digestible modules, to take you from your comfort zone, into your learning zone and way beyond.  The modules are released over time during your subscription.  Our goal is to deliver this experience in an engaging format to empower our members to improve their own lives ... and to Break Free.

Freedom can be from whatever you feel is holding you back- whether that be a job, career, relationship or some other professional or personal situation.  We aren't life coaches, but we have a number of life lessons and tools we use throughout our courses which crossover with improving your life and lifestyle as well as extending your career or taking you down a new path.  We firmly believe in living life, and using our careers to turbocharge our lifestyles.

Break Free Club is proud to be a startup business and as such is in a mode of building on "progress" not "perfection".  Please provide us feedback through the Contact Us form if you have any ideas or comments or feel there is something we can do better.


Launch Phases

Our first phases will be the launch of the Project Delivery Community - this includes courses in the art of Project Management (Bronze), Program Management (Silver), and Rescues/Turnarounds/Transformations (Gold). In time there will also be specific courses dedicated to the Executive Team and Executive Roles to empower them as sponsors of projects and programs (Diamond) and also memberships for personal coaching and mentoring via Email/Skype/Face2Face if possible (Carbon).

Following quickly thereafter will be the Small Business Community - this will include everything you need to know to start your own business from an idea through to launch and ongoing operations. You are the expert in your chosen business, but we are the experts in delivery and will show you how to get it done ... and to Break Free.  We will be following our own methods and learning our own lessons while we launch this business.

We have a whole plethora of new communities to release beyond that which we will share in due course.



Social Member - Social Membership is open for anyone to join Break Free Club for FREE.  When you become a Social Member, you will automatically get the first Introduction module to all Community courses so you can make an informed decision as to whether you wish to join that Community.  We will also be adding an online Forum for our members to chat and engage with each other and share their experiences.

Each Community will create a number of different membership levels and subscription plans depending on the type of courses being offered.  For example, the Project Delivery Community will have Bronze, Silver, Gold and Carbon and Diamond levels, as well as Personal, Corporate, Government and Non-Profit/Charity groupings.


Meet the Founder

Break Free Club - Andre Edmunds

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